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William's Featured Family: Hyacinthaceae

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William's Featured Family - Hyacinthaceae

The hyacinth family is the featured family of Spring '06!  

Some of the brightest and most fragrant flowers of spring are in this group, including:
hyacinths, scillas, bluebells, camasses, and pineapple lilies.

Enjoy this brief review of some of my favorite plants (see links below).   And add some to your bulb order for this autumn.

Muscari azureum

    Hyacinthaceae Family          
    Bellevalia pycnantha   Eucomis bicolor   Ornithogalum umbellatum  
    Brimeura amethystina   Hyacinthus orientalis   Ornithogalum nutans  
    Camassia cusickii   Hyacinthoides hispanica   Puschkinia scilloides  
    Camassia leichtlinii   Muscari armeniacum   Scilla bifolia  
    Camassia scilloides   Muscari latifolium   Scilla mischtschenkoana  
    Chinodoxa forbesii   Muscari valerie finnis   Scilla siberica   2006, Last Updated May 24, 2006