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William's Featured Plants - Summer Bulbs

Bulbous plants of summer can add color, structure, interest, and wow-factor to the summer garden.   Many of them are sub-tropical and thrive in the heat.   Pest resistance, drought tolerance, and easy winter storage are other attributes.   And, fortunately for the gardener, more varieties are becoming readily available. More info on summer bulbs.

This is not an all encompassing list, but a brief overview.   Favorites, like lilies, daylilies, and alliums, are excluded for two reasons.   They are familiar to even novice gardeners and too extensive for this overview. The Amaryllids and Aroids factor heavily into the summer palette. Check out some amaryllis family flowers and some arum family spathe & spadix flower structures.

The selected plants are valuable garden assets. Some of the brightest and most fragrant flowers of summer are in this group, including:
crinums, dahlias, cannas, mariposa lily, and pineapple lilies.

Enjoy this brief review of some of my favorite plants (see links below).

eucomis and caladium

    Summer Bulbs            
    Amaryllis belladonna   Chlidanthus fragrans   Eucomis bicolor   O. magnum
    Amorphophallus   Colchicum byzantinum   Hippeastrum   Sauromatum
    Arum italicum   Colocasia   Hymenocallis   Scadoxus
    Caladium   Crinum   Lycoris   Sprekelia
    Calochortus   Dahlia   L. squamigera   Zantedeschia
    Canna   Dichelostemma   Ornithogalum   Zephyranthes 2006, Last Updated June 27, 2006