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Moss' Top Ten Plants of June

Summertime Begins

The June top ten thrive during the transition from spring to summer. Some are on the margins and depending on the weather may begin in May, while others may continue to July. Or in the case of the Peace rose, bloom all season. However, June is their time to shine. These are the last flowers you are likely to see wearing pants. Next month it's all shorts, t-shirts, and mosquito bites.

As always, tropical, mild winter, and Chicago winter hardy plants comprise the list.  


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bumblebee on silver linden flowers

Silver Linden (Tilia tomentosum)

Large, deciduous, shade tree. Commonly called bee tree for multitudes of bees visiting the profusion of flowers. Makes great honey. Flowers can be harvested for tea.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

holding Regent serviceberries

Serviceberries (Amelanchier)

Deciduous shrub with clusters of small red to violet, edible berries. Commonly called Juneberry. Attracts birds, and taste great added to pancakes.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

peace rose

Peace Rose (Rosa 'Peace')

Hybrid tea rose with large multi-colored flowers. Dedicated to peace after WWII, this is the best selling rose of all time for good reason.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

jerusalem sage flowers

Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis tuberosa)

Large coarse perennial with rose colored flowers arranged in tiered clumps around the stem.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

bumbleebee flying towards solomon's seal cluster

Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum commutatum)

Graceful, arching perennial with greenish white flowers drooping from the leaf axils. Native plant found in woodlands and savannahs.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates.

maroon martagon lily

Martagon Lily (Lilium martagon)

Small, spicy flowers of various colors on a decorative lily stalk. Whorled leaves add structure that make the plant attractive throughout the season.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates.

iris black gamecock

Black Gamecock Iris (Iris 'Black Gamecock')

Large, deep purple flowers highlight this water garden plant. Typical iris foliage is attractive throughout season.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates.

butterfly weed

Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa)

Bright orange flowers glow atop this mid size perennial. Does not have the milky sap of its sister milkweeds. Butterfly magnet. Drought tolerant.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates.

blue globe onion

Blue Onion (Allium caeruleum)

Blue globes float on 2' stalks. Easy, long blooming bulbs are great additions to herb gardens.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

aztec lily
Aztec Lily (Sprekelia formosissima)
Deep red decorative flowers burst from this Mexican bulb. Attracts hummingbirds. Unfortunately, blooming can be temperamental. Sub-tropical

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