Top Ten Reasons for Urban Gardening


10 - Rewarding exercise.  Gardening keeps you active and outside in the fresh (somewhat) air.  Tasks, like digging, wheelbarrowing, and weeding, burn calories and tire muscles


9 - Recreation and social networking.  Gardening is the  #1 hobby in America.  Gatherings of gardeners are always full of good people.


8 - Aesthetic beautification.  A garden in a blighted urban area is like a beacon of hope.  Even in upscale areas, a colorful container or parkway planting can bring a smile to a neighborŐs face.


7 - Increases property value.  Proper landscaping has been shown to increase home value by up to 10%.


6 - Plentiful cutflowers.  Urban gardens can provide months of gorgeous, fragrant cutflowers for centerpieces and displays.


5 - Nutrition and taste.  Nothing beats the flavor of your homegrown tomato or sweet potato.  And because itŐs fresh from the garden, the  produce will have higher levels of nutrients.


4 - Replaces boring turfs.  Installing a garden in turf reduces the amount of monotonous lawn maintenance.


3 - Environmental benefits, like: wind breaks, passive solar heating, air filtration, flood control, etc. 


2 - Improves the urban habitat for wildlife.  Urban gardens offer food and shelter to butterflies, bees, songbirds, and host of others.


1 - Gardening and Greening are God's work. The feeling of oneness with nature offers a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for the world that we are blessed to inhabit. 








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