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Moss' Top Ten Container Plants

Best Perfomers for Chicago Containers!

These beautiful and useful plants are some of the toughest and hardiest known to horticulture. They bloom for weeks and in combination they'll provide color and interest all season long.

To give them the best chance, the containers are well prepped. Drainage holes are measured and then drilled on the sides of the pot. The bottom layers consist of Better-Than-Rocks, Ups-A-Daisy, and/or lava rock. An organic soil mix provides nutrients and drainage.

As always, tropical, mild winter, and Chicago winter hardy plants comprise the list.  


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regent serviceberries

Regent Serviceberry(Amelanchier 'Regent')

Deciduous shrub to 36". Hardy shrub produces lightly scented flowers in spring, colorful tasty berries in summer, and russet toned foliage in autumn.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

mini rose
Ring of Fire Mini Rose (Rosa 'Ring-of-Fire')
Deciduous to semi-evergreen shrub to 24". Blooms continuously during growing season under ideal conditions. Prune severely to rejuvenate. Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

basket of gold

Basket-of-Gold(Aurinia saxatile)

Evergreen to semievergreen perennial or low shrub. Covered in sweetly fragrant, bright yellow flowers in spring. Silvery foliage attractive.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

wild columbine

Columbine (Aquilegia cultiavrs)

Perennial to 36". Colorful, intricate flowers. Thrives in harsh conditions. Species are short-lived but prolific re-seeders. Cultivars may not set seed, but blooms longer and may re-bloom.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

royal sunset lily

Asiatic Lily(Lilium cultivars)

Bulbous perennials to 48". Large vivid flowers. Disease resistant. Drought tolerant. Forms large clumps. Propagation from bulblets and division. LA hybrids included.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates

hyssop in roofdeck barrel

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)

Aromatic sub-shrub to 24" with terminal spikes of small purple flowers. Extremely hardy. Used as culinary flavoring and in potpourris. Attracts pollinators to its nectar-rich flowers.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates.

gaillardia frenzy

Goblin Flower(Gaillardia 'Frenzy')

Perennial to 36". Bright red flowers produced throughout season. Deadheading helps maintain flowering.

Mild to cold winters. Temperate climates.

numex twilight pepper

Pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Mid sized, tender perennial grown as an annual. Banana and chile peppers usually produce more for the home gardener than bell types. Drought tolerant.

Warm winters. Tropical to subtropical climates.

moss rose

Moss Rose(Portulaca grandiflora)

Creeping annual with succulent leaves. These low maintenance plants bring a riot of color to containers or low borders from summer to frost. Full sun. Drought tolerant.

Mild winters. Subtropical climates.

rain lily
Rain Lily (Zephyranthes grandiflora)
Small half hardy bulbs with flushes of vivid flowers throughout growing season. Heavy rains prompt more blooms. Mild winters. Sub-tropical climate.

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