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Butterflyweed, Milkweed: Asclepias



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butterfly weed

Family: Asclepiadaceae

Above: butterflyweed Below: monarch on swamp milkweed Use: berms, beds, meadows , borders, prairies, marshes
swamp milkweed with monarch

Plant: deep rooted perennial to 5'

Origin: North American prairies, roadsides, and wetlands

: 3 - 9

: Colorful or fragrant flowers clustered at end of stems. Complicated pollination mechanism requires large insects like butterflies.

Foliage: simple, sessile leaves most with milky sap

: sunny location in average soil. Toleates poor, dry, rocky soil. Some species tolerate swampy soil. Attracts monarch butterflies. 2008, Last Updated April 5, 2008