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Sweet Potato



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wife holding sweet taters

Family: Convolvulaceae

Above: harvesting taters, Below: sweet potato in container Use: souffles, candied, baked, fries, soups,
sweet tater pot

Plant: sub-tropical perennial vine

Parts Used : tuberous roots

: full sun in loose, well drained soil. Drought tolerant. In northern climates start plants indoors in spring and set out once low temps are above 50 degrees. Protect from rabbits and voles.

Harvest Time
: mid autumn well before frost. Tubers are damaged below 50 degrees. Gently lift tubers with garden fork or hands. Damaged taters will not keep.

Storage: Allow fresh dug taters to dry. Then cure and store in dark, arid place. 2007, Last Updated June 26, 2007